New Product Introduction: French Lavender ~ Blueberry Champagne Jelly

Posted by Berkshire Grain on 1/8/2015 to Breakfast
Introducing our first new Jelly of 2015.

French Lavender Blueberry Champagne Jelly

With soothing hints of French Lavender, a smooth blueberry taste, and a sparkle of Champagne -- this new Champagne Jelly offers a very comforting experience -- from the very first smell and taste. 

This Jelly will be crying out from the refrigerator to be enjoyed a host of different fun ways. From spreading it over your breakfast toast,  to a Ham & Swiss on Rye, to heated and drizzled over anything for dessert..........and finally the pleasant calming lavender will help steer you back to your pillow after one of those PB&J sandwiches at 2AM